The Seventh Mutual Evaluation Follow-Up report presented by Sierra Leone at the 18th plenary session of GIABA in December 2012, ignited concerns among the International Community on the lack of progress in the AML/CFT regime since the previous report. The Plenary therefore recommended among other things a visit to Sierra Leone by a Special Mission to raise the concerns of the International Community with the authorities in Sierra Leone. As recommended, a special GIABA Mission visited Sierra Leone from 21st -23rd January 2013 and held several discussions with various stakeholders. Following the visit of the mission, their was a renewed commitment on the part of Government and key stakeholders to take action in ensuring that the Financial Intelligence Unit is fully constituted and effective. Notable among the actions taken includes the Appointment and confirmation of the Director of the FIU pursuant to section 7 (1) (2) of the AML/CFT Act, 2012.

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