The eleventh follow-up report of Sierra Leone describes actions taken by the country to rectify the remaining deficiencies in its AML/CFT regime since the submission of its tenth follow-up report to the Secretariat in May 2014.

The following actions were taken by Sierra Leone:

  • Ratification of the Palermo Convention;
  • Commencement of the National Risk Assessment;
  • Delivery of training on AML/CFT compliance to commercial banks by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU);
  • Strengthening AML/CFT supervision of reporting entities;
  • Development of the national anti-corruption strategy and the reform of public financial management;
  • The FIU conducted an exploratory discussion with the regulatory body for the accountancy profession; and
  • The FIU enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the country’s leading telecommunication company, Airtel (SL) Limited, for the purpose of carrying out AML sensitisation.
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